Last weekend I had a little bedroom refresh at home, re-hung my vintage parachute and added a new (vintage) set of cupboards and sort of made the bed…

Gin + tonic

A favourite classic cocktail (after all it is international gin and tonic day) Always with a epic garnish and for me in a tall glass! Photo and styling Jason Grant

studio vibe

Studio vibe : dried seaweed, baskets, shadows from the good morning (summer light) Boston terriers, backwards caps and upside down vintage bentwood chairs.

Sunday therapy

Sundays well spent, foraging and flower arranging (after a swim of course) I find this simple act so relaxing, maybe a kind of meditation or what you call deep work, maybe its the simple singular focus of creating. Inflorescence my new favourite word I have just discovered The complete flower head of a plant including […]

Weekend hideaways

I love to escape into nature and hideaway, seen here at favourite secluded spot.