10 years

“Love to Paint”

Celebrating 10 years with Murobond Paints

As with all truly successful relationships when you both equally contribute you both equally benefit. It is my distinct privilege to have this dream come true partnership where I get to create paint colours ( I never for a minute would have imaged this growing up) I love working with Rowena and the Team at Murobond.

“Murobond is an Australian family company  renowned locally and internationally for its unique ranges of superior quality water-based paints. Murobond strongly focus on three pillars: aesthetics, technology and the environment. As a result, the company is unmatched in its ability to create beautiful interior and exterior paints that offer wonderfully rich, individual finishes and textures”

My Signature paint collection with Murobond was my very first partnership, so this will always be special to me and I’m excited to mark and celebrate this occasion and wish to thank all of you who at some point have chosen one of my colours for your home or project.