5 minutes with…


Today we take 5 Minutes with Nicole Valentine Don Clever Creative, actress, maker, stylist, blogger, explorer, treasure hunter and Etsy store Keeper Little Nicki and you can read her blog here or check her here too


how would you describe the look of your home? My home is very relaxed and lived in.  It is full of thrift store treasures, travel mementos and objects I’ve had my whole life.

what’s your favourite thing in your home? my himalayan salt crystal lamp – it emits healthy negative ions into the air and makes the room have that clear, fresh feeling like after a thunderstorm. It may be psychosomatic due to having read of its benefits, but I swear I can feel the good vibrations.  Other favourites include, my new sewing machine and my boyfriend (most of the time 😉

what are you loving right now? Simple things like, reading books and learning about the chakras.

coffee tea or? Cold water and more coffee.

what’s on your shopping list right now? Shopping list?  Coffee beans. Lust List? I’ve been coveting a Japanese Indigo Boro quilt for years.

 favorite thing to do on the weekend?  Taking it slow (if I can); swims, naps and food, mostly.

favourite day of the week? Nothing beats Sunday mornings.

favourite place to shop? Rozelle markets

favorite place to eat? I love Ichi Ban Boshi and Mamak.

what’s your signature dish? I’m good at dips, like Guacamole, or I make a mean tztatziki that you can only eat if you know you won’t be in public for the rest of the day – so much garlic.  Oh, and a delicious baked Atlantic Salmon encrusted with crushed pecans, dill, mustard powder and maple syrup (must be a Canadian thing).

what is your signature drink? Red, red wine. A nice Argentinian Malbec please.

favourite quote? So many! Today, let’s say ‘If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.’ – Erada

 what are you listening to? Fleetwood Mac is a forever favourite, but after seeing Arcade Fire rock out last week in Sydney…they’ve been at the top of my playlist.

what are you working on right now?  I’ve been embroidering dried Banksia leaves, making seasonal flower crowns for my blog and working towards a shoot at my home at the end of the month.  Oh, and learning to breathe.

what/who are you inspired by?  I am inspired by stylists and photographers I work with, creative friends, little kids, nature, pretty pictures, the moon, my little sister…but, above all, my mom is a constant source of inspiration.

what makes you happy?  Mr. Jason Grant asks the big questions!  Hmmm… it doesn’t take much to make me smile, make me giddy even, but I think at the top of my list is knowing my family and friends are healthy.