5 minutes with…

photo copy 2Today we take 5 minutes with Melbourne based maker and my Instagram friend Gemma Paford check out here online store and blog here It’s no secret I love her painted rope vessels!


how would you describe the look of your home?

One word – Caravan. More words – My main man and I bought our first home in Brunswick Melbourne, and it is small two bed room apartment. Due to the limited space, we borrowed lots of ideas from Caravans. A section of our kitchen bench is on wheels and rolls out to be our dining table.


I wouldn’t even know where to begin to describe our home. Its a mix of old and modern. Our renovation used a lot of recycled materials. Our 50s cupboards were found from the tip, but we also picked up a few cute key items from Koskela in Sydney.


whats your favourite thing in your home?

Most definitely our three piece brown leather Tessa lounge set which my mum picked up from the Diamond Creek Opshop for 40 dollars! Thanks Mum!


what are you loving right now?

I am really digging Alice Oehr screen printed tiger cushions. I bought a set of three and I’m in love!



coffee tea or?

FROZEN COCONUT WATER! Its such a miracle drink!


whats on your shopping list right now?

I’m looking at my shopping list right now, its on the fridge and its 18 months old. It says pegs which is odd because we don’t have a washing line…


favourite thing to do on the weekend?

I just asked my husband what he thinks my most favourite thing to do is, and he said adamantly EATING TOAST. I’m such a home body. I really enjoy entertaining friends at home, trying new recipes, watching Duncan play video games, creating new designs in my studio or tormenting the cat by dressing him up in cat sized clothes.


When we are not at home, we are either in driving through Woodend, or Kangaroo Ground visiting. Dropping into my favourite op shops along the way. Duncan begrudgingly looks through records, grumbles and goes and waits in the car. I search for the ultimate cooking utensil.


This makes us sound terrible boring. We do all the normal social things too. But above all those are my favourite things to do.


favourite day of the week?

Above all days, I love Saturday mornings! When I wake up, I am so happy and inspired by the endless possibilities of the weekend in front of me.


favourite place to shop?

When ever I am looking for a gift, I find my self walking into Mr Kitly in Brunswick. Its like an addiction. Sometimes I don’t remember even walking there, I just look up and am inside surrounded by the beautiful plants, hand made treasures and ceramics!


favorite place to eat?

Jonny’s house. My best friend Jonny makes the most wonderful fried chicken. He says the secret ingredient is MSG. When Jonny is tired of me sniffing around looking for food, we retire to Marios on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Its an oldie and a goodie. Lovely food and wonderful staff. Its our go to spot for a fun date night dinner.


whats your signature dish?

Whole baked trout. Its my favourite quick dish which looks great on the dinner table and has an instant wow factor. Who doesn’t love to tuck into a whole trout doused in butter, lemon and herbs. Eaten with a crisp salad and baked garlic potatoes. YUM! Its fast, its healthy and it looks impressive. WIN WIN WIN


what is your signature drink?

Vodka lime. I like to kid myself that its healthy. Its my smug drink. You can usually find me drinking a cold beer.


favourite quote?

Oh, so they have internet on computers now! – Homer Simspon

Duncan thinks that I am soooooo bad at computers and technology that I should see a doctor. I can operate the instagram ad the facebook, what else do I need?


what are you listening to?

My old time favourite records which lays next to our record player is Mars Needs Guitars – Hoodoo Gurus. I listen to this record at least once a week. Im not really painting a modern / relevant picture of myself here am I?


what are you working on right now?

I am working on a series of painted rope wall hanging for a little exhibition in South Australia. I’m really pumped which how its coming together. Heaps of colour, very tactile – all my favourite things!


what/who are you inspired by?

I am really motivated by Dear Plastics paper products, Kim Victoria Jewels, Shuh Lee, Kim Jaeger, Alice Oehr, Bleem Weaver, Aacute, Limedrop, oh there are so many! Last year I collaborated with H by Heather Lighton where we used her beautiful hand crafted polymer clay beads and my vessels to make beaded hanging baskets. I also launched a textile collaboration with Alex Kovac and her clothing label Oracles for Spring Summer. I also took on some really fun commissions working with some really wonderful people! I find so much inspiration from my Instagram feed. So  many people to mention inspire me every day.


what makes you happy?

Baking, creating, working with my hands, riding my bike, brunch, lunch – meals in general, planning birthdays, a good hair cut, watching a Steven Seagal movie, finding that awesome op shop score, gut laughing, when my indoor plants don’t die, when i pick up art from the framers, receiving flowers for no reason, forgetting i ordered a dress online and the parcel arriving, receiving hand written letter, SO MANY THINGS!