ceramics by lauren bamford

Not only is MJGs friend Lauren Bamford a talented photographer but she is also a deft hand with ceramics (she began making ceramics as a hobby and for her very own wedding reception). Here is her debut collection of vases, bowls, dishes and plates available to order here stay tuned for further stockist too.

MJG loves the shapes and colour palette of watermelon, peach, black and shades of blue and white.

Images Lauren Bamford

JG - Posy vase - WatermelonJG - Jade and Turquoise with copper lustreJG - Jugs without handles - WatermelonJG - Moon BowlsJG - White with copper lustreJG - Peach and Watermelon with copper lustreJG - Stack - assorted plates and bowls - White, Black, Jade, Watermelon, Peach with copper lustreJG - Plates and dishes - White, Jade, Peach, Black with copper lustre