a place called home launches in the uk and europe

MJG book launches in The Uk and Europe today with Hardie Grant UK here’s a little thing shared from here


We speak to acclaimed interior stylist Mr Jason Grant about his career as a stylist, his new book  A Place Called Home (out Monday 3rd June), and his favourite colours.



Hardie Grant: Hi Jason! We’re so excited about the launch of A Place Called Home next week. We thought we’d pick your brains a bit about all things interior-style. Have you always wanted to be an interior stylist?

Jason Grant: To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better job! Of course I love what I do now, but it was never the ‘plan’.

How did your career begin then?

I sort of fell into styling and was styling before I realised I was a stylist – it seems everyone knows what a stylist is these days but growing up I never had heard of such a wonderful job.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Of course publishing A Place Called Home! A close second is my paint range collaboration in Australia with Murobond Paints.

How do you keep inspired and creative in your job?

I think it’s important to do what you love and be true to yourself. This is where you find true inspiration.

This is your first book – how did you find the experience of writing a book?

An amazing experience. I really was allowed to create the book I always dreamed of, right down to the details like the cover, spine and paper stock. I’m lucky to have a very clever publisher I guess, people who just let me make my book as I envisaged it.

What was your favourite part of writing A Place Called Home?

That it is heavier on the images rather than the text – I guess it’s designed to inspire visually and words are used sparingly to reinforce an idea.

The book is full of lots of tips and ideas for styling up your home. What single tip/bit of advice would you give someone who wanted to inject some style and creativity into their home?

There’s no rush to create the perfect look – I think when you hurry you make mistakes and don’t achieve what you really have in mind.

A lot of the interiors in the book have such a fresh, relaxed Australian-feel to them – how can we bring that same look to our small London flats?

I think it’s key to remember that not everything needs to be perfect and polished – I like creating a relaxed and casual living space. Once you have that ethos there is less pressure to create a certain look.

You mention a lot of your favourite things in the book – what are some of your favourite things at the moment?

I actually just purchased the Ercol love seat pictured on the book’s cover – it was hard to say no to that! I’m also a sucker for bed linen and have quite a collection.

There is a great colour section in the book. What is your favourite colour for the following:

walls in a bedroom: soft pale blue

a smeg fridge: blue too

a winter jumper: a cosy neutral like a creamy oatmeal

a mini cooper: I love white

a bold statement sofa: yellow

We hear you had a fun launch party for the book in Melbourne – fill us in on that!

I was blown away by the huge support and turn out to the Sydney and Melbourne launches –  there was great support from the industry. The Melbourne launch was actually on my birthday and the team from Hardie Grant surprised me with a birthday cake which was actually my book cover – best birthday ever!

See some pictures from the launch party here.

A Place Called Home is published on Monday 3rd June by Hardie Grant Books and is available to buy here.