Art is personal

Art is personal, I never really like to select art for clients, I am happy to point them in the right direction, as I know what I like.

Your art in your home does not have to match the rest of your home. 

You should buy art that you love and connect with, no need to explain it, let it reflect your style and make you feel good. 

Your home is your home and everything should make you happy.

Check out the cool collection from Decor Haus All of their prints are bespoke creations, designed in-house by creative lead, Dom Minieri. 

Hanging by my front door, I love the graphic, slightly retro feel and of course the pop of yellow of this piece Shards #2 and also Rings #2 on my displayed on console ( I don’t mind a casual lean) with a distinct earthy, nature feel.

Oh and if like me you never get around to framing things they have a custom framing service too, so it will arrive ready to hang