calm and cosy

Start the day right… set intention for the day ahead

I love a calm and cosy vibe in the bedroom, soft, gentle colours from nature that make me feel relaxed.

Loving this selvedge quilt cover a collaboration between Jac and Jack and Sheridan Australia perfect for spring.

I love to update my space with the change of seasons.

Bed frame Scout 

Resin Clam shell Pineapple traders 

Blanket scarf  Pampa Print Tracing maps 

Reading The Broad Place letters book 

Wall painted Murobond paint “pelican” from my collection 

Also here is a little insight to my journal process

I photographed ( on my Canon camera, edited on Lightroom) and posted this yesterday on Instagram

Today I emailed the picture to myself – from phone to computer (low fi) which I resized and importantly renamed the image bedroommrjasongrvantstylist fyi for SEO

Today I posted the image here to my journal complete with links to items pictured and captioned on instagram in image and then I pinned it to Pinterest ( with some other outage images too) linking back to here as the source.

This is the way I recommend, and also being consistent is important too.