tracing maps

Check out the new collection by Tracing Maps  sister brand to Pampa a beautiful collection of atmospheric photographic print taken on their travels styled by me photography more here


2020 HNY Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to the year ahead and at a time when we focus on endings and beginnings ; years and decades and such A time to contemplate and plan ahead and also an important time to be kind to ourselves and others Wishing you all well! health, happiness, love and […]

merry merry

Merry Christmas from Sophia and I, hope everyone has a great day!

favourite corner

Favourite corner at Light Years Burleigh (an interior I recently completed) featuring artworks by Emma Gale and Jai Vasicek upholstery by The Dusty Road and resin clam from Pineapple Traders


Think local, handmade, well made, vintage, reusable, support small businesses and don’t buy things that just go into the bin after Christmas.


Everyone loves and archway right!

Styling and photography by me