It’s good to share how your feeling and what your thinking…

I love what I do, I’m really mindful of how I spend my time and the output I create,
I work hard to be true to me, looking inwards as much as possible, trying my best to have my own unique style and point of view (which takes time and focus) after all it gets really boring when everything starts to look the same and when we get lazy and just cut and paste, there’s a lot of talk about authenticity but when we are true to ourselves and you find our own way this is ultimately rewarding.
To keep me on track I like to have my 5 words to describe my style to me and to all the projects I work on (this is quite helpful to my clients too)
Nature is my biggest inspiration (always) for colours, patterns, textures and ideas etc I just see things through my eyes and translate that, more and more I revert back to the things I loved as a child, these things have stayed true and are what still inspire me still
I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of
doing less less but doing it (much) better
For me it’s about being productive not busy, always balancing my day with equals parts work and play. Always having fun in what I do.
I live a creative life and I’m lucky that I get to wear many hats (I do love the variety)
It’s really important to keep a check of things I find I’m always simplifying but also remembering that attempting to create perfection isn’t a good headspace either after all the beauty ends up being in the imperfection often
Running your own race at your own pace and avoiding comparisons I find liberating too.
I feel we are trapped in an age where we feel we have to be constantly doing and sharing something (noting this is being said by an over achiever) but it seems when we are constantly creating we are creating at a lesser level it’s important to remember good things take time and not need to churn things out, less has always been more for me and it’s ok to say no to things that you don’t want to do
My advise is if you love something do it as much as you can and have fun whilst doing it and that’s when the magic happens.