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photo copy 4Apologies for the delay in my Aussies in America series but who better to pick up this series with than my friend and SUPER Stylist Glen Proebstel

It’s easy to spot his signature looking work and to be honest I’m thankful for his friendship and his help to send me on my journey to be where I am today as a stylist…

He is Jedi when it comes to styling – the force is strong with him! Ok yes Glen is from New Zealand originally for those with attention to detail but in true Aussie style we are claiming him as our own!


where do you live?

Manhattan, NYC – right by the Highline

how would you describe the look of your home?

My apartment has a definitive style. Lots of greys, blacks and soft linen colours. Layered and textural with touches or quirk here and there.

what is your favourite thing in your home?

This week, it’s my little scottish terrier dog (metal vintage toy) called Hector.

what do you collect?

I collect ceramic vessels, almost anything made from linen and have just started a little framed antique black shilouttes gallery.

what are you loving right now?

My eye seems to be focused on beautiful spoons. Whether they be pewter, or just aged to perfection they somehow end up at home. Over time, they end up in food shoots or something of that nature.

coffee tea or?

Definitely coffee and let me tell you, the coffee scene here in NYC has improved remarkably! I’m never without my morning hit.

what is on your shopping list?

A leather back pack to take out sourcing and rounding up props. Art, and a large patina mirror

favourite thing to do on the weekend?

I like to spend time with friends and hit either the Forte Greene flea market in Brooklyn or the Chelsea Antiques Garage, followed up but a Bloody Mary at Jeffreys Oyster Bar.

favourite street to shop in?

Orchard St, LES for clothing

favourite day of the week?

Is Friday…. especially Happy Hour

favourite place to shop?

I can never leave without something, even if it’s a vial of glitter –

favourite place to eat?

Navy NYC  451 West 23rd St New York NY 10011 +1 646 306 9397

If you ever get to NY, you must have dinner here!

what is your signature dish?

I happened upon a ramen noodle dish at the Mission Chinese pop up restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn – to die for!

what is your signature drink?

I love a classic – a well made Manhattan, there’s nothing like it

favourite holiday destination?

Paris – I’m a lovesick romantic and she delivers everytime!

favourite quote?

If you’re growing your constantly out of your comfort zone

what are you listening to?

I’m reliving my youth and can’t stop playing ‘Paradise’ by inner city….

what are you working on right now?

A special project – all will be revealed in 2015

what/who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by mother nature. The beauty that she creates from textures and surfaces, to flowers and seeds and pods. Man has the abillity to make almost anything but somehow something that is created from the earth holds a resonance that can be felt.

what makes you happy?

Seeing the simple things in life bringing such joy to people. We live in such an amazing time where almost anything is possible and so much creativity is alive and burgeoning. Often, we forget that taking time out to appreciate the things we take for granted.