issy by zuster for reece bathrooms

In an exciting collaboration, Reece has teamed up with Australian design brand, Zuster, who have expanded their furniture design empire into the bathroom with a bespoke furniture collection for the bathroom. Bringing the Zuster signature style into the bathing space, the ISSY by Zuster collection represents Zuster’s first foray into the bathroom and offers users a fresh and inspired approach to beauty, style and luxury in the bathroom.

ISSY by Zuster encompasses two fully customisable designs, the Z1 Ballerina vanity and Z8 Butterfly bathroom collection. Conceived by the famed Zuster sisters, Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel,

Z1 Ballerina and Z8 Butterfly feature a “dream list” of bathroom luxuries designed especially for beauty and personal grooming.

According to Reece Bathroom Business Manager, Daniela Santilli, ISSY by Zuster is a break-through for the bathroom.

“It is a collection that has been designed by women for women and addresses all those special details we love about indulgent hotel bathrooms and crave for our own living space,” said Santilli. “Zuster brings those added touches of luxury into the home bathroom with beautiful, bespoke elements and high quality finishes.

“ISSY by Zuster is also designed for comfort and convenience with a compact and fully customisable design. The range addresses all the essential functions of a bathroom, while elevating it beyond the everyday with a series of cleverly integrated features.”

Styling Bree Leech Photography Mike Baker

Here is a preview of whats to come in September – start planning your new bathroom with this in mind ( on your mood board) I have never been so excited about the bathroom before!


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