james edwards marine collectables at shapiro

James Edwards specialises in bespoke works from shells, coral and pearls. has an upcoming
Marine Collectibles exhibition at Shapiro Gallery in Woollahra. James is renown for his unique and beautiful shell art and will be selling a wide selection of his work ranging from 4 metre mirrors to beautiful detailed jewellery boxes and Christmas ornaments.
James worked with the late legendary shell artist Paul Bruce and has continued the art form. Currently James only takes private commissions and works closely with some of Australia’s leading interior designers including Thomas Hammel, Chrissie Jeffries and Cameron Kimber.
Over the last year James hasn’t sold his artwork to the public and this exhibition will give everybody the opportunity to see and purchase his work first hand – especially in time for Christmas.
The exhibition/sale at Shapiro’s opens 16 – 24 Dec and re-opens 6 – 18 January.
Marine Collectables
162 Queen Street Woollahra
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