jardan + the fortynine studio collab

Last week whilst propping for a shoot I discovered some awesome ceramics at Jardan that  I had to have. Raw is a collaboration by Jardan and The Fortynine studio of hand made ceramics. Finished and painted by hand each piece is unique and is suitable for dining and or decoration. Everyone deserves a treat so I treated myself to a couple of pieces.

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raw_pastaplate_01-960x570 raw_pastaplate_04-960x570 raw_rectangular-platter_02-960x570 raw_rectangular-platter_warmgrey_02-960x570 raw_servingplatter_icymorn-960x570 raw_servingplatter_warmgrey_02-960x570 raw_smallbowl_06-960x570 raw_tableware_01-960x570 raw_tableware_03-960x570 raw_tableware_04-960x570 raw_tableware_05-960x570