marimekko home

I love the bold, retro, colourful and optimistic vibe of iconic brand Marimekko

Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection was inspired by the work of the strong, visionary women of Marimekko: Armi Ratia, who founded the company in 1951, as well as designers Maija Isola, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi and Annika Rimala, who had a significant role in creating the brand’s aesthetic in its early years. Their distinctive and timeless designs have, for decades now, brought joy and beauty to everyday lives, paying homage to them with the first Marimekko collection that was designed under my direction. The collection captures the essence of Marimekko. It represents a functional, effortless and Nordic style, spiced up with colour and imaginative prints and creates a recognizable and inspiring Marimekko mood that makes you feel good about yourself and your home says  Anna Teurnell Marimekko Creative Director

The collection pictured here at a recent open house media presentation

head in store to take a look

Photos Jacqui Turk in the Home of Bondi’s Aquabumps


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