My Mood Board

My mood board
It’s great when you work for yourself to have a clever person outside of your business to remind you of your signature elements 
Always drawn to nature and nostalgia 
All photos by me
1. Studio bizmarckia Palm + murobondpaint “row boat” Green and white feels fresh and different to me.
2. Cool cars on the Gold Coast – love this colour combination
3. Painted palms in Tamarama – from a few years ago – curious to know if its still there…
4. Green tiles at B smoothie bar surfaces Society  
5. Forever House inspo – Spanish Hollywood 
6. My style eclectic, vintage + nature = casual bohemian – be true to yourself make your home YOU!
7. Handmade elements always las ninas textiles 
8. Green theme and kangaroo print in the sleeping quarters – Pampa, Shleepc
9. Underwater (palm) love found moment on location
10. Shy friend – keep your eyes open on the roads.