new murobond collection colour memory

I am pretty lucky to partner with Murobond Paints to create colour palettes a couple of times a year – it is so much fun seeing the colours I have dreamed up come to life, my latest collection “Colour Memory” is now available. We shot some images for the collection at one of my favourite places- Bronte Pool, it’s a very special place – if ever I am feeling tired or a little flat a swim there fixes everything.

Colour evokes memories, colour is ingrained into our brains. Colour makes me happy. When working on this collection it became apparent that colours that I have been drawn to have a history , I have been reminded sometimes by accident that these colours are trapped in my memory, inspiration for them is all around that sometimes I am unaware of their impact. Be it the colour of a cute house from years ago or a painted fence that I pass often or even the colour of the rocks at Bronte pool. This colour palette combines dusty faded neutrals, warm summer shades and a few pops of zesty colour as you would expect to create a sunny but mellow collection. I even named one colour after my good friend Artist and colour muse Kirra Jamison. I hope you enjoy! Check out the colours here

Available now from Murobond and selected other stockists

Images  thanks to Chris Prestidge



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CCWphoto copy 3C Coconut Water