10 creative things I do to escape from technology to create calm and clarity.

1 read – revisit a favourite book – The Alchemist is always a favourite read.

2 Beach or Bush walk – escaping into nature relaxes and genres me and also fuels my creativity. The best ideas come in the quietness.

3 Roadtrip – head somewhere new with friends for an adventure.

4 Cook, if the mood is right I find cooking very relaxing.

5 Meditate, 20 minutes twice a day in an ideal world. Much thanks to The Broadplace Also currently loving my one on one Qi Gong relaxation sessions with Love Emma Jean – the ultimate reset!

6 Creative play in everyday, arranging nature finds, drawing, painting or making something with my hands.

7 Drive an old car with no Bluetooth – no calls, its like being on an aeroplane – perfect and I get to listen to local radio (mostly great)

8 face to face connection – no “phubbing” what is phubbing? it is the habit of snubbing a physically present person in favour of a mobile phone

9 swim – get in the water as often as possible, pool or ocean water is the remedy

10 no screens before 1 hour before bedtime