pampa horses

Ok so I have been admiring these for a little too long so – i finally have gotten around to sharing with you. For me their is something magical about the graceful and strong animal that is the horse. Maybe its a fondness from childhood we grew up with them on our walls (paintings and over our back fence) These images from Pampa capture this fine animal at their magnificent best

Pampa is a homegrown business based in Bangalow, Northern NSW. A collaboration between two photographers – one from Argentina, the other from Australia – Pampa represents the coming-together of two worlds, two visions and two cultures. Aiming to explore art, preserve heritage and empower culture, Pampa explore some of Argentina’s most remote indigenous communities, bringing home with them the finest rugs and cushions that have been handwoven using traditional Argentinian materials, designs and techniques. From their home to yours, Pampa textiles are fairly traded with some of Argentina’s most talented artists

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Pampa also have an amazing collection of rugs and cushions click to see them too