Im excited to partner with iconic Australian brand R.M.Williams It’s taken me a little time to fine tune my own aesthetic and style ( for the home and in fashion ) when asked to describe my signature style I like to think it is relaxed, laid back, casual and quintessentially Australian. I love to travel overseas as much as I can but I always love to come home.

It doesn’t get much more Australian than R.M.Williams¬†founded in 1932 the classic Australian clothier still produces a collection of hard wearing clothes and footwear made here in Australia. For this project I proudly doned my pair of classic boots and styled up some of their classic mens garments and what better location than on a classic Aussie backyard clothes line!

R.M.Williams is as Australian to me as vegemite! a traditional and iconic part of our country, I think its important to embrace where you are from. Im alway proud to call Australia home!

Photos Jacqui Turk

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