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Seems pelicans are my kind of people

As requested here’s a little more about the symbolism of pelicans… 

The Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) has mythological significance for Aboriginal people. It was harvested for food by the Yandruwandha people in the Coongie Lakes, has long been persecuted and had nesting colonies destroyed by European fisherfolk as perceived competitors for their fish stocks. It learns quickly to capitalise on human and other novel sources of food (friendly anglers, municipal garbage dumps), and is a common sight around wharves and harbours in coastal Australian towns, particularly fishing

Pelicans are very social beings. They live in cooperative colonies, teaming up to fish, and they nest away from species with whom they may have conflict.

Call on Pelican energy when:

— You feel the need to ‘lighten up’

— You feel the need to let go of resentment or anger towards another

— You feel overwhelmed and want to rise above your heavy emotional state

— You feel the need to keep your head held high, despite your trials and tribulations

Pelican medicine teaches us:

– That no matter how heavy our burdens, we will always rise to the top

— How to forgive ourselves, by releasing ourselves from that which bogs us down

— How to ‘team up’ with others in harmony and cooperation

Symbolic meanings we connect to pelicans include wisdom, safety, humility, charity, nurturing, generosity, and even direction. As a spirit animal it brings us these traits when we are in need of them.