Maybe my favourite day of the week

A day I definitely sleep in and take things slow 

The “quietest” day of the week when nobody is really about, a day with less people with no rush 

Often it’s my most “creative” day and I let a little bit of “work” creep in – it’s hard to switch off but I try not to restrict myself to rules or limitations but always gentle to myself

Otherwise it’s a day where I might draw or paint something, forage flowers or other nature finds and arrange them at home or cook something delicious or even just binge a new favourite series 

Home is my happy place it’s comfortable and creative and far from “perfect”

I once was that stylist that perhaps told you to buy stuff but now I want to be that creative person that wants you to think about stuff

Creativity is at my core

It’s very “trendy” to talk about slow and sustainable living and plenty of green washing thats going on, all I know is that we each can make a difference and do better 

It’s time to give ourselves, others and our planet and all its inhabitants the love and respect we all deserve 

It’s ok to be perfectly imperfect 

I want and need less, the things that I do buy are considered (and way less than they used to be) and are made to last, vintage or made buy someone clever and talented who captivates me

Happy Sunday just sharing today’s thoughts Jason and Sophia 

Sending love to you all 

Jason and Sophia x