sydney indesign highlights

Sydney Indesign took over Sydney this past week and weekend were all the showrooms turned it on some showing brand new spaces, collections and collaborations, as well as a special showcase space called Galleria at Technology Park – here’s my highlights – so much design so little time!!

Yellowtrace and Ke-zu showroom collaboration was a standout

photo copy 25


Beautiful Pet Lighting by Alvaro Catalan for Esperara – siapidara and the Bolan Cubbie House at Spence and Lyda

 photo copy 23photo copy 24

Great new furniture pieces from Jardan

photo copy 22photo copy 20

Fun parties at Corporate Culture and Bludot

photo 3photo 2

Great displays ay Galleria at Technology Park by Bails Bangs,  Marimekko and Page Thirty Three

photo copy 21photo copy 28photo copy 16

Designer Rugs at Arthur G showroom (Diane Bergeron Collection)

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