12 great valentines presents

Valentines day to some is a little cheesy but here’s 12 great gift ideas for all the lovers. Say I love you to your loved ones everyday not just on Valentines Day. Sparkling Moet Rose I Love Linen cushion, Haighs Milk Chocolate Heart West Elm Brass Love Object Lovestar Vase, Kikki K cardFarmgate Cheese Luxury Hamper, Selfie […]

12 great cocktail accessories

My all time favourite cocktail is definitely a Gin & Tonic (closely followed by a Cosmopolitan) but I’m currently rather partial to a Margarita I guess it only seems fitting in the Summer months right?! – so cheers to this weeks Edit! 12 Great Cocktails Accessories. I have searched high and low and so here’s […]

“12” great sofas

Apologies up front as I could only narrow it down to 13 – the feature is “12 great ” and I usually prefer odd over even and 13 is unlucky for some  but hey! This week I have hunted out 13 (whoops!) great sofas that are fun, comfortable, classic or retro there’s something for every […]

12 great candles

  This year Im doing all the hard work for you – checking out what’s in store and online and giving you my edit of the best in my humble opinion (it’s handy to have a stylist as a friend!) First up candles, I’m a big fan of the ambience candles can create at home, […]