the cross street project

The Cross Street Project is an Apartment located in Sydney’s beachside Bronte and for sale but theres a twist you can actually buy it fully furnished (or empty if you so wish) or if you’re not in the real estate market but love the apartments furnishings you can shop for any of the awesome items seen in the space.

The project by  local design firm C+M Studio features many local Designers, retailers and Artists. The whole interior has been updated, designed and styled with a contemporary yet relaxed style that you could move straight into.

Located at Unit 1, 13 Cross Street Bronte NSW

Opening weekends from 25 October until 9 November 2014

Saturdays: 9:30am until midday, 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Sundays: 11am until 5pm

During the time the Apartment is open there are a series of events, talks  and workshops click here for more details

I love local and this apartment is well worth and look who doesn’t love a sticky beak right?

Photography Caroline McCredie


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