Instagram is my mood-board ( and also here too on my journal) really it’s just a great business card for what I do – I probably could do it better but I like to freestyle and hey I’ll be honest I’d love 100k followers (but that’s just the ego talking) I share my style and my work, interior design projects, tile and paint collections and photography and styling work, I always see the beauty and always try to be authentic and optimistic 

I love to share things that inspire me (and probably too many pictures of Sophia) I just share things I see and love (often nature) Most of the time what I post really is just to please me but I do love that it often inspires others too

I am all about the good vibes knowing that we all have bad days too

My private life really isn’t “content” I don’t really share my social life, it’s definitely less exciting than you probably think – I’m a man of simple pleasures and value my small circle of friends

I always support people doing things from the heart that I connect with visually or energetically 

Really what I love about instagram (still) is the connectivity and how we can find like minded people from all across the world with ease some how often by magic 

Thanks to everyone who enjoys this visual diary of mine, I really love what I do and enjoy sharing this with you