wise words

I love my creative life, working on books, styling for magazine and brands and other creative projects (more about those later) Sometimes I feel like I need to know how to do everything  and sometimes I get rather frustrated when I can’t do something. Im good at learning or creating new ways to complete a project or task that  I am presented with but more and more I am realising it isn’t possible or actually necessary to be able to do everything. I have a clear creative vision for the things I work on, I know what I like and what I want my “brand to be” and more and more I am working/collaborating with those who have skills that I don’t possess, be it graphic design, accounting, web design, event planning and more. I think its important to learn new things but also know when to delegate. It’s good to identify what you’re good and and not to beat yourself up about things that are not your strenghts Its just important to know when to ask for some help!