5 minutes with…

IMG_4359Greg Hatton is a guy that can make just about anything, with a main focus on timber furniture (perhaps you have seen the birch timber bed head that I have)  landscapes and renovations. He is a modern day Macgyver. You may have seen some of his pieces in Koskela and numerous magazines. He lives in country Victoria in a big old factory called Butterland which is host to many wonderful events.

how would you descirbe the look of your home?

hipster industrial (it’s an old factory)

whats your favourite thing in your home?

my arne norell leather safari chairs

what are you loving right now?

a cool breeze

coffee tea or?

both sometimes at once

whats on your shopping list right now?

New shorts my current ones have holes in the pockets and fall off my arse

favourite thing to do on the weekend?

not work, go bush

favourite day of the week?

monday as its unloved and I feel sorry for it

favourite place to shop?

Hudson on smith street, or the stockroom in kyneton they always have some great stuff

favorite place to eat?

beatbox kitchen on the hill in northcote great view of the city

whats your signature dish?

sunday pancakes

what is your signature drink?

melbourne bitter

favourite quote?

my name in indigo montoya, you killed my father prepare to die (princess bride), or its a hell of a thing killing a man taking everything he’s got and everything he’s gunna have (dirty harry i think I know it was clint).

what are you listening to?

774 abc radio  much to everyone else’s annoyance

what are you working on right now?

a kitchen sink stand for a mate I have been promising it for a while

what/who are you inspired by?

I’m pretty inspired by David Attenborough

what makes you happy?

getting away from any sign of the man made world