blue – new from dinosaur designs


Design Duo Stephan Ormandy and Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs have launched Blue their latest collection and it is an awesome exploration in all shades of the hue that is blue. Available in their signature home wares and jewellery the collection is a bold statement in my (second) favourite colour.

Inspired by the many colours of the sky from morning to late at night and also chance colours in the hand mixing process (remember all of dinosaurs designs wares are all hand made here in Sydney) It’s no surprise Im loving this new collection. True blue I love you!

Shop the collection online here or head in store her in Australia, New York and London


dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-28dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-36dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-1 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-2 copy dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-3 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-4 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-5 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-7 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-10 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-12 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-18 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-19 dinosaur-designs-olsen-ormandy-blue-collection-37