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Today we spend 5 minutes with Sydney design duo Christopher Glanville  (CG) and Megan Burns (MB) of C+M Studio

Based in Surry Hills this multidisciplinary and award winning architecture firm work across residential and commercial projects with a signature paired back simplicity and elegance but they don’t like to pigeonhole their design.

I love their work and their vibe!

Click here to see their work and to learn more

where do you live?

MB – North Bondi

CG – Bilgola Beach

how would you describe the look of your home?

MB – Relaxed, lots of white linen, sisal, leather, timber. The only real colour is in the art and flowers!

CG –  Between the girlfriend and the cat I don’t have much say!

what is your favourite thing in your home?

MB – Art. I have really start collecting seriously the last couple of years or so, its something ive always be interested! I grew up with an amazing art collection in our family home and straight out of school a did a degree in Fine Arts so its always been around my life. I am interested in young up and coming artists…I would love to have a bigger place so I could add more pieces and have space for larger sculptures! My most recent addition to the collection is a Julian Meagher work from his latest show.

CG –  My handwoven Indian rug that sits beside my bed I picked up on a trip there.

what do you collect?

MB – Plants, my balcony is full of an array of bromeliads and succulents they keep multiplying I cannot help it!

CG –  Watches, my favourite is my vintage Omega.

what are you loving right now?

MB – All things green! Love plants and landscaping…hoping to get into this more and start integrating this into our CM projects.

CG –  Local craft breweries. My local is Motus Operandi which has some of Sydney’s best beer.

coffee tea or?

MB – Coffee. And strong. I am a double shot piccolo person.

CG –  Milkshakes of all types

what is on your shopping list?

MB – Cactus

CG –  Best Made Ax

favourite thing to do on the weekend?

MB – Head down to Bondi markets on a Saturday. Pick up some fresh produce, flowers and a pho and chill in the sun on the grass listening to the band.

CG –  Head out to the farm. Its a working sheep farm and there is always lots to keep my busy.

favourite street to shop in?

MB – Glenmore Road in Paddington. Thats where the Sydney Acne store is, I basically only shop there and next door at Bassike.

CG –  Avalon shops – La Banette is a real highlight

favourite day of the week/why?

MB + CG – We both love Saturday… what does that mean our work ethic? haha

favourite place to shop?

MB – Acne

CG –  Jac & Jack

favourite place to eat?

MB – Cho Cho San in Potts Point

CG –  Mexicano in Narrabean

what is your signature dish?

MB – 12hour slow roasted lamb

CG –  Cajun chicken on smashed sweet potato

favourite holiday destination?

MB – Somewhere sunny and by the coast

CG –  Anywhere thats an adventure

what are you reading?

MB – Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

CG –  Anything Hemingway

what are you listening to?

MB – Jamie XX

CG –  Kendrick Lamar

what are you working on right now?

MB + CG – We have three projects building at the moment, as well as a number of houses in approvals so we are very busy bouncing between them all at the moment. We also have a bigger and better version of Cross Street happening at the end of the year so we have started working on so look out for that. We are also working on a collaboration with a local furniture maker which will be launching in the coming months as well, this is something we are really excited about as the goal has always been to be a true multi disciplinary studio.

what/who are you inspired by?

MB – Vincent Van Duysen

CG –  Isay Weinfeld