electric confetti

I have fallen for the neon delights of Electric Confetti 

Electric Confetti is the work of Melbourne-based designer and illustrator Natalie Jarvis. Each artwork is created in the fresh modern medium of LED neon.

Electric Confetti was created as a fun and inexpensive way to bring the nostalgic feel of vintage neon advertising into the home.

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2_5b4b04a1-de42-46d3-9684-3fef6a5c873d_grande EC_1201_6687_1024x1024 EC_1201_6736_grande ElectricConfetti-5_1024x1024 Natalie_c3d5bb4d-d5ed-455d-af5f-581cd2bf2fab_1024x1024 Blue walls in boy's room The vintage chair