Explore Byron Bay Tours

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking the local aboriginal tour with Explore Byron Bay with the incredible Delta Kay a Arakwal Bundjalung woman who leads this tour on which she shares her knowledge and wisdom passed down from her ancestors, on the tour we started with a welcome to country, learnt about aboriginal existence before colonisation and the impact it had on her people and the displacement of her people, we learnt about the traditional names of places, how the Arakwal people cared for and preserved the land and their many traditions and ways.

We learnt about and sampled bush tucker (Davidson plums, finger limes and lily pilly were favourites) and we learnt also about bush medicine and traditional crafts.

We heard many beautiful stories from the dreaming – I learnt so much and really enjoyed this experience 

I’ve wanted to do this tour for such a long time and feel it’s important to connect and understand with this history and this land to be honest it’s not as pretty as these pictures and really is quite terrible and horrific and must me acknowledged and heard

If you live here or are visiting I can’t recommend this tour enough, everyone should do it, be sure to take part, it’s incredible and important 

Much love and respect to Delta who’s energy and knowledge is next level 

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