my style – anne-maree sargeant

all photos thanks to chris chen/sydney magazine/ams

I talk a million miles and hour, AMS speaks my language, a friend for ages, she is across everything, art, design, trends, basically on the pulse of all things that i find fabulous, oh and we both LOVE the beach. She wears many hats all with Sergio Rossi heels…

What best describes what you do?

Personally am on a quest to unearth original creative talent / objects / stuff. I get off on things I’ve never seen before.

Professionally I consult to creatives & design brands – project managing anything from biz development thru marketing related stuff like PR etc. My new projects are web based. Oh yeah & I’m writing for Inside OUT, HOUSES, DQ (design quarterly) & bunch of others……

Favourite Beach? – one with perfect surf, but either of the 3 I can see from my front door will suffice… am a known ‘beach-a-holic’

Favourite Book? – the dictionary

Favorite place for breakfast/dinner? – when not adjacent to my BBQ or friends’ dining tables it’s M deli (breakfast) & The Corner Store is a hot new dinner fave….

Favourite Movie?being movie obsessed, impossible to nail it to one. last night re-watched “Picnic At Hanging Rock” by Peter Weir, 1975. Incredibly shot, exceptionally scored & hauntingly beautiful decades later. At school they actually took us for a picnic at hanging rock – we ran through calling “Miranda, Miranda….”. OK we were young. & no-one got lost!

Favourite Blog? – haha aside from yours or mine…..currently loving this the most incredible Dioramas…..inspiring..

What is the best thing about blogging?

Editorial freedom & being able to be self indulgent research like my car fetish.

What’s the worst thing?

Getting something wrong. Boy do they let you know..

Favourite Website?

another trick question. I check 100’s of sites every day. LOVING this found when researching car fetish & the 1972 AMC Javlin with interior designed by Pierre Cardin.

favourite thing to do on the weekend?fill it with spontaneous fun & make it last as long as possible!

Favourite designer/artisttrick question!! HOT for OZZIE WRIGHT & JASPER KNIGHT among many others – but if Banksy knocked on my door to tag my wall I wouldn’t send him away…!!

Favourite Possession at home? – aside from collection of records / shoes / astro boys / lights /art & skateboards – it’d have to be resident hound OLIVE

Favourite shop fashion/home/furniture?flea markets when globe trotting / auctions & garage sales when home

describe your interior style at home – “eclectic maximal-ism”

what coffee do you drink?skinny latte from M Deli

your drink of choice?winter: varieties of the fermented red grape ~ ~ summer : super cold beer / home made lemonade from Sabbaba

what is sydneys best keep secret? hah if I told you I’d have to kill you!!