my style- rachel castle

Sometimes you meet someone and just hit it off. I met Rachel before we both moved from Melbourne to Sydney, she is a clever cookie. I love her work it’s fun and colourful.

Oh and yes embroidery is COOL!

Here is a little insight as to what she likes

Your fave shop? (fashion and interior)

Koskela have a very extensive range of all things Australian designed and made for the home. The people are LOVELY, its such a beautiful space to visit.

Lee Matthews for fashion, always.

Your fave website?

This one, of course! (meaning yours Jason)

Your fave furniture piece or object in your home ?

A big heavy wooden heart carved by hand by my husband, orrrr.

Your fave thing to do on the weekend?

Play cards with my kids, they are SHARKS!

Your fave ice cream flavour?


What kind of coffee do you drink?

Latte, heavily sugared.

Describe your interior style in one word?


PS picture by the super cool photographer Steve Baccon from REAL living June 2009