now open – newrybar merchants

Recently whilst in Byron Bay I had a little preview of Newrybar Merchants just before it opened. Its a special place, an awesome retail space.

Newrybar Merchants is a collective of some of local creative artisans and curators of fine goods who are passionate about what they do. Honouring the space and the essence of the Byron Bay Hinterland, Newrybar Merchants enables customers to experience rustic charm effortlessly blended with sophistication within a beautiful and unique retail space.

The charming 1890s dwelling that houses the Newrybar Merchants is nestled in the historic town of Newrybar, 15 minutes drive from the beaches of Byron Bay. The dream for creators Zane Grier from Driftlab and Todd Miller from Zieglerbuild, a designer and builder from Brisbane, was to co-create a collaborative concept store that was to bring like minded people with a passion for what they do together in a way that compliments the old world charm of the village.

Head in to see wares from Sibella Court, Driftlab, Shannon Fricke, Jai Javiseck, Beautiflora a florist, artist – Diana Miller, as well as a great leather maker Wolf & Maiden, Tigmi Trading which sells beautiful and unique berber rugs, artefacts and art from Morocco and around the globe will all be sharing this space which is being transformed into a destination design hub. Harvest Cafe  ( just across the road) are also opening a permanent coffee cart out the front.

Newrybar Merchants will provide an exciting addition to the already bustling village of Newrybar which features the popular Harvest Café & Deli and Driftlab. It will be sure to become a destination for those seeking a unique retail experience in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Newrybar Merchants is located at 19 Old Pacific Highway, NSW (the site of the old Antique store) over the road from Harvest Café. Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday – Sunday.

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