the new (minimalist) me

As a stylist I am of course a collector, I try not to be a hoarder ( I really do!) but I do have a lot of stuff. Often things are coming and going for shoots (the joys of working from home) and can feel rather hectic.

Recently photographing my home for an up coming project I have become a little more ruthless, preferring to have less things.I dont mean to have an empty cold home but a home with heart and soul. I’m by no means a neat freak but I like order and sometimes my home can feels like organized chaos. So I am rethinking everything and editing what I have. I think its responsible to consider all purchases for the home before we take the plunge – really theres only a limited number of cushions we really do need at home!

Of course I always like to recycle and reuse when disposing of items often donating to charity or a good old fashioned garage sale or passing on to lucky friends.

I like to call it “The new Minimalist” keeping things simple  and creating a comfortable and harmonious home.

Be Free Print pictured from Blacklist buy it here

Book “A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life” by Mary Randolph Carter