the pot plant man – caring for fiddle leaf figs


Everyone including me still loves a fiddle leaf fig, the super star of the plant world, indoor plants certainly are more than a trend and are a great way to decorate your space.

My friend The Pot Plant Man shares his first guest column here on MJG with how to look after everyones favourite and forever in style indoor plant.

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Here are the Pot Plant Man’s top tips

Lets start with the basic needs of caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I water my Figs when the top 50mm of soil (2 inches) is feeling dry. Do this by sticking in your finger and giving it a feel. Soon enough you’ll work out how often you need to water. Keep in mind this my fluctuate based on the change of seasons.

Keep your Fig in bright indirect light, which means that the light beams are not hitting the plant directly.

Ensure that your Fiddle Leaf Fig is potted in rich, well-draining soil. I mix in a slow release fertilizer and a well composted chicken manure which mine seem to love.
When the soil looks tired I refresh it with some more slow release fertilizer and good quality potting mix dug into the top.

During the growing season (October-March). I use a liquid fertilizer every fortnight. I find this gives mine the best results. It’s important to remember to not feed your plant during winter.

Cleaning the leaves:
Because your plants live indoors they don’t get a regular wash from the rain like thier outdoor friends. This leads to an accumulation of dust which stops the plant from breathing. So what I do is give it wipe over with a soft damp cloth about once a month. This will help your Fig breathe happily.

All in all your Fiddle Leaf Fig will be happy and healthy if you pay attention to its needs on a regular basis and show it some love.
Happy gardening! from MJG and the Pot Plant Man!