Find your own way 

I don’t know about you but sometimes everything is just starting to all look a bit the same and I don’t like it 

Authenticity is an over used word 

But being 100% true to yourself in all that you do is so important and rewarding 

I think there’s a lot of fear involved and this makes people take the easy and familiar (lazy) path.

The people that I find the most inspiring are the bold visionaries that take risks and create their own unique points of view 

I love the energy and excitement of creating. 

I am clear and I am focussed 

The best advice I’ve ever been given is to avoid comparison and to look inwards, to worry less about what everyone else’s is thinking and doing and to be comfortable in your own skin (this isn’t easy)

Creating a unique style takes time but oh it’s worthwhile 

For me it’s always been about living my best creative life and loving what I do 

Strive to be yourself (unless you’re an ***hole) and don’t be scared to be different

So here’s to living your best creative life!