Monday Manifesting

Monday manifesting after a weekend well spent… Click here to see any details of things that catch your eye


Home Pink fridge and all! Vintage, retro, handmade, modern and nature elements all creating a distinctly JG vibe. Home is personal its an expression of me

Lunch celebrating with Chandon

Cheers Make a meal special with Chandon Good friends and good food and drinks An intimate lunch with a few favourites to celebrate Chandon’s 35th  year making exceptional sparkling wine in Australia Set the table to set the mood, think outside the box using seasonal fruit as well as favourite flowers Elevate the everyday with vintage touches, special […]


It’s good to share how your feeling and what your thinking… I love what I do, I’m really mindful of how I spend my time and the output I create,I work hard to be true to me, looking inwards as much as possible, trying my best to have my own unique style and point of […]

10 years

“Love to Paint” Celebrating 10 years with Murobond Paints As with all truly successful relationships when you both equally contribute you both equally benefit. It is my distinct privilege to have this dream come true partnership where I get to create paint colours ( I never for a minute would have imaged this growing up) […]

rainy days

The weather is wild and wet right now, stay safe and dry. Climate change is creating a warmer and wetter atmosphere, more energy for storms, more intense downpours and creating coastal flooding. read more here at The Climate Council

Colour play

Colour party Excited to be adding 10 new colours this year to my existing 70 colours to celebrate 10 years with my signature paint collection with Murobond Paint I never could have dreamed it growing up that I get to do this, so much fun – I love creating these colours , stay tuned for the […]

Pro tip

Heres my super simple Pro Tip to improve your Instagram and get more people to your website. No need for third party links for your link in bio anymore! Its so easy! simply as I have done create a new page on your website ( I have called mine directory ) to house all of […]


Its always much more exciting when youre out sourcing that the samples happen to be your own, however never one to limit my clients, all choices have to be just right, they always need to suit the brief/project not just be mine. Pictured in store at Surface Society with a few sample boards of my […]

changing places

Back in Sydney and on an a plane for the first time in over a year (seems way longer) it’s reminded me the importance of reconnecting, staying connected, inspiration, perspective and how good a change of location is for a fresh take on everything. Its great to be back in my old neighbourhood. Favourite Bondi […]