First day of Spring

Happy first day of spring Im excited to bring in the fresh energy of a new season and say goodbye to winter. Vase Bianca Pintan Hat Will and Bear Flowering Gum Braer Console Bludot

Ultimate entertaining

I love a gas strut window combined with a bench top to maximise space and for ultimate indoor/outdoor seamless entertaining. Always a great spot to hang out, near by to home bar or BBQ for next level entertaining.

slow down

Slow down on the roads (especially at night) with the change in seasons so many more animals are on the roads especially koalas and echidnas here in Bundjalung / Northern Rivers. Take care on the roads, accidents happen but please check on any injured animals.

As seen in

Happy to have my book featured in the latest Issue of House and Garden, thanks so much Tanya!


Elements from, my Book “Force of Nature” buy it here

Positive affirmations

Everything works out for me, everything that I’m wanting, everywhere I go things are lining up for me, I love how the ideas flow to me, I love how I’m in the right place at the right time… At home with Gertie and an updated Art wall…

My Mood Board

My mood boardIt’s great when you work for yourself to have a clever person outside of your business to remind you of your signature elements Always drawn to nature and nostalgia All photos by me1. Studio bizmarckia Palm + murobondpaint “row boat” Green and white feels fresh and different to me.2. Cool cars on the Gold Coast – […]

Sky over screens

Here is you reminder to look at more skies and less screens. Take in the vastness of the big blue, enjoy the calm and the added bonus fresh air. Put things into perspective and enhance your happiness. Nature is my remedy.


Venustus is other worldly pure Magic and so is their new space. If you haven’t been there’s even more reason to go to this life changing (yes I said that) Beauty and body lab. IYKYK Jeanie and her team are out of this world. Their brand new space has just opened (right next door) Treat […]

Beach Byron Bay

How about this view! plus the great food and drinks. The best view. Beach Byron Bay add it to your list whether local or visiting.

Winter at Bruns Surf Shack

Winter isn’t so bad here… A perfect winters day at The Bruns Surf Shack (still one of my favourite local projects) Fresh new shoots for this project and my clients Love the garden and that outdoor shower. Beware of sharks. Book here

The art of noticing

Slow down, take it all in. Look around you be an observer, take your time to enjoy the view. Look up, down and all around you never know what you might see.

Winter sun

Winter isn’t so bad… Just chase the sunshine!

At Home

Force of Nature, seen here in my space. So great to see my latest book in your spaces too, will be sharing soon Thanks Jason Purchase here


The sun and the sea ( and the earth ) are the remedy… Nature is magic and powerful. Earthing is my favourite thing to do, connecting to the earth and elements barefoot is the best way to recharge.


My favourite thing to do is finding and foraging the fallen, then arranging these nature finds in a favourite vessel. Look for interesting shapes, textures, proportions, common elements and contrasts that can play together. Im not a florist but I go enjoy making the arrangement like a true stylist.

Casual Bohemian

Favourite moment, current combination at Home. Casual: relaxed and unconcerned, not regular or permanent. Bohemian: a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

Magic pages

If you know you know… There are more than a few magical pages in my new book “Force of Nature” but you need to flip through and hold it to truly understand… Brilliant design by Serrin Ainslie purchase here

New Art

New art on my wall by Local artist Jordy Sosnowski I love it, my kind of Paradise.