Love, light and gratitude  What a gift Today I received the most amazing consultation, treatment and experience from the magical… Read More


ProductivityBecause I work solo a lot of the time on the daily when I’m in my studio, I often at… Read More

new playlist

Music is medicine here is my latest super low key new play list Listen here on Spotify

this is the way

One of a kind  There is beauty in simplicity  Vintage and nature are always top of my list, usually just… Read More


It’s important to filter the news we read and share and it’s important topay attention and to make our voices… Read More

Natural wonders

See everything differently… Creativity is always key, just in case your wondering where all those nature finds end up… A… Read More

Star Wars day

Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth/force be with you! Always a fan always a favourite.

sunset shades

Sunset (my take on terracotta) seems to be the stand-out favourite to the new colour additions to My encaustic tile… Read More

weekend foraging

A Sunday well spent always involves a little bit of foraging. Followed by a bit of play in the studio…. Read More

work zone

In the zone, my studio is a creative space where I mix tech with the tactile and treasures. Its definitely… Read More

Earth day

Every day should be earth day, lets respect the earth and mother nature and tread more lightly.

Design details

Loving this custom cabinetry at the Bruns Surf Shack project Interior Design Jason Grant Cabintry Turner Joinery

Must watch documentary

Today I watched the documentary Seaspiracy on netflix It’s a must watch documentary to learn about so much misinformation that… Read More

Monday Manifesting

Monday manifesting after a weekend well spent… Click here to see any details of things that catch your eye


Home Pink fridge and all! Vintage, retro, handmade, modern and nature elements all creating a distinctly JG vibe. Home is… Read More


It’s good to share how your feeling and what your thinking… I love what I do, I’m really mindful of… Read More

10 years

“Love to Paint” Celebrating 10 years with Murobond Paints As with all truly successful relationships when you both equally contribute… Read More